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Gold jewellery is one of those things that seems to have existed forever and is incredibly prevalent today as well.Hence, we aim at revolutionizing the gold jewellery in India with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience. We have  designs to suit every mood, budget and occasion. Lala Jewellers began with the Jewellery business which grew magnificently and brought valuable returns for the company which in turn created the foundation for a successful business. Today LALA JEWELLERS is a multifaceted component that enjoys the faith of consumer and the support of many prestigious clients. Sometimes one man can dream every man’s dream and hence, the life and work of the Late Hari Charan Lala has been the source of  undying inspiration for our business. His vision surpassed time and place to seek something greater and more enduring . As a man of unerring business instinct, he not only created a winning business model but also touched  many lives in meaningful ways. In 1891, my great grand father, Gurudayal Lala decided to enter the jewellery Trade. After that my grandfather Hari Charan Lala entered our Home Business. In 1941, we got our first sale Tax License named GOLD CONTROL LICENSE. After that my father Ramesh Chandra Lala entered the business. Soon after, completing my B.Com examination in 1992, I Indibar Lala, also joined our traditional business, Lala Jewellers. Now I am the CEO of the business and my son Abhishek Lala will also carry our Home Business in this manner and our Business is now 5th Generation old. In the meantime we have also received Registered Trade mark licence for our Logo “LJ” and name “Lala Jewellers” from the Central Government of India and no one can emulate this name and logo. Lala Jewellers is the oldest Jewellery organization in Garulia, Shyamnagar 24 PGS(N) that started its operation in the year 1891 with a heritage of 155 years, Lala Jewellers is  synonyms with exclusive designs and intricate workshop and right value. Our company  has evolved over the past fifteen decades and has endeavoured to keep the designs contemporary with modern needs and preferences, yet keep the core values and essence alive. Transperency and customer trust are the two key pillars of Lala Jewellers and keeping up with these values we offer an unparalleled jewellery buying experience with absolute transperency convenience and customer friendly policies along with the LALA JEWELLERS PROMISE of incomparable quality and service assurance. Our  promise includes transparent price tag- indicating the exact manufacturing cost, stone weight, net weight, stone charge of jewellery and assured lifetime maintenance and buy back  for the jewellery. All jewellery are 916 and 750 hallmark certified with our own certified logo and IGI and GIA certified for diamonds. We take careful note of prevailing jewellery trends and customer feedback to bring you the best. Our each individually crafted piece goes through several quality checks before you purchase our exquisite designs.

Our Mission & Vision


Our vow includes a transparent price tag, indicating the exact manufacturing cost, stone weight, net weight, stone charge of jewellery, and assured lifetime maintenance and buyback. With a firm focus on artistry and customer experience, we aim to restructure the gold industry in India.


Late Hari Charan Lala's dream & vision have been the source of inspiration for our business. We research prevailing jewellery trends and customer feedback to bring you the best.

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Late Haricharan Lala


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Ramesh Chandra Lala


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Indibar Lala


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Abhishek Lala


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Payal Lala